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The history of KIPEDA- 1997

The liberalization of the petroleum industry in Kenya was the inception of KIPEDA as a need arose to form a lobby group that would champion the welfare of independent dealers in the industry that is hitherto dominated by multinationals.

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The Kenya Independent Petroleum Dealers Association (KIPEDA) would later re-brand to Kenya Independent Distributors Association in 2012. The association became a true voice of Kenya’s Independent petroleum distributors, advocating for general welfare of members as well as sourcing for a steady supply of petroleum products at a competitive price.

Prior to the formation of the lobby group, independent distributors and dealers faced teething challenges operating their ventures. This has however changed with the growth of the market place and thus the need to increase supply to the rising demand. Even so, the independent players could not celebrate as there were still bureaucracies that caused them a lot of frustrations while conducting their business. Determined to improve their welfare and efficiency, the idea to form a lobby group was proposed.

The formation of KIPEDA - 2012

In 2012, KIPEDA Founders Enterprises Limited was formed and has continued to improve the welfare and efficiency in the industry. The vision for a united independent players was driven by five gentlemen; James Njuiiru, Okumu Okwema, Peter Ngeke, Morrision Mbogo and Peter Mwangi.

This marked a paradigm shift in the fuel industry in the country. KIPEDA sought to strengthen Kenya’s position as a regional leader in supply and marketing of products as well as propagating efficiency by working with parliament, respective heads in the industry together with other stakeholders to encourage policies and regulations that propel business and drive international competition.

kipeda commerce

The association has grown vibrantly over the years and now comprises of over 50 per cent (representing 819 out of 1625 stations) oil supply marketers as listed by the industry regulator. KIPEDA runs a special investment vehicle (SIV) to help curb the problem of getting reliable, consistent supply of fuel products for the members. This set up has made the supply of the products more efficient and cost effective. KIPEDA Holdings was later incorporated in 2016.