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Our Goals

  • Defend the rights to do business independently.
  • Pursue to do business without intimidation or discrimination.
  • Ensure a conducive business environment with an equal leveled playing ground.
  • To participate in policy making on issues in the industry, which affect independent investors and petroleum products.
  • Develop ways for organized guaranteed source/supply of petroleum products.
  • Organized security and insurance on investments.
  • Upgrade and uphold both local and international standards.

Our Achievements

  • Successfully won the fight against attempt to restrict transportation of petroleum product from 6 am to 6 pm.
  • Simplified the licensing process for purchase and supply of petroleum products.
  • Negotiated for capital investment return margins for the independent petroleum distributors.


  • Ensure an equal leveled playing ground for the Kenyan Independent Petroleum Distributors despite competition from international petroleum distributors/suppliers.
  • Violation of our right in participating in policy making, which provides equality in the distribution of petroleum products.
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